Friday, August 12, 2011

London City Orienteering 2011

If you fancy a bit of brain use and variety to your running..... direct your attention to for this years City of London Orienteering Race on Saturday 10th September. This is navigation while running through the streets, alleys and estates of central London.

At your alloted start time you collect your detailed map (1cm represents 50m) and navigate to each of the 20 or so checkpoints shown as fast as possible and back to the finish - taking whichever route you think will be fastest/easiest. A range of courses are on offer for different abilities, including Mens Open approx 8.7km, Womens Open 7km, Newcomers 4km - although dependant on your navigation skills that could be significantly more!

The mapper has written about the race area on his blog at

If you're interested give me a shout on Tuesday or Thursday and I'll give you a few pointers!


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