Sunday, April 25, 2010

Laura's Race Report

Hello all. Thanks for coming out to support us today. It was fantastic seeing you all -- twice!
I suppose I stuck to my race plan in that I tried to run with the 9 minute mile pacer for at least the first half and then see how it was going. This proved difficult as it was very crowded and I don't think she actually hit the spilts for that pace until about mile 18. Struggled to dart in and out of people to keep her in sight more well. Having said that the pace felt faster than I expected -- which was probably a combination of the heat and my not being that fit, having done my training runs very slowly.

Anyway, I made a gallant effort up to about mile 18 but my legs were starting to seize and feel quite crampy so I decided to save my skin and adopt a jog-walk plan from there on out. At one point I stoppped for a massage by what I thought were people from St. John's Ambulance but turned out to be Scientologists! I ran away when I realized that, having wasted a precious few minutes there!

Walking wasn't much more comfortable than running, really, but there seemed to be a few heat casualties so it may have saved me an injury or getting quite ill.

So I managed 4:23 and am pleased. A year ago I couldn't plod 2 slow miles without stopping to walk, having just had my baby. (Also not bad considering it was quite warm, I only trained for 12 weeks, mostly with a jogging buggy, and my "long" runs were one 10 mile, two 12's and a 14.5) And best of all, it's 3 minutes quicker than my first London effort when I was 5 years younger and had trained more.

As always, the crowd support was nothing short of phenomenal. Thanks so much Clapham Runners! Wonderful support. And a BIG well done to my fellow club members. Hope you're all feeling good. xxx

Race Day

Marathon done and dusted, all 4 clapham runners spotted (eventually) plus friends, neighbours and old club members.

Congratulations to all who finished.

Anthony = 4.06
Laura = 4.23
Sinead = 4.34
Lindsay = 6.04

Rest, relaxation, ice-baths and massage recommended for all, including supporters - it's thirsty work cheering everyone on, don't ya know!

Friday, April 23, 2010

London Marathon - race day minus 2!

Cheerleading preparation done!

A group of clapham runners will be supporting their fellow club members at the 14/21(ish) mile points (indicated in pink). We are meeting at Limehouse at 9.50 or on the course for those who don't like early mornings!

We will be shouting encouragement and waving a banner lovingly handcrafted by Martin (pictured below). Smile when you see us as we will also be armed with a camera!

Lets hope we spot everyone - GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Thursday - it's track day!

A lazy start to the day before an 8am physio appointment (Graham @ Balance is finally back from his 'Volcano extended' break)! Now I'm counting down the hours before heading to Battersea track to see what Jon has in store for us tonight.

For all those running this weekend - have a great time, stick to what you know and run your own race. And do it with a smile! Look out for our banner - made it last night complete with yellow and black hazard tape round the side so you can see us!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GOOD LUCK london marathoners

Wishing everyone running the London marathon good luck for Sunday. It looks like it it going to be a warm day, good for the spectators but not so good for the runners. Hopefully I'll be able to spot you all.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ice ‘bath’ magic

After watching Eddie Izzard’s marathon exploits, I decided to see if all the pain he put himself though after a day’s running was worth it. Yes – I decided to have an ice bath after completing Paris, in fact I had two (one a few hours after and another the following morning). Gosh they were cold, gosh they made 10 minutes feel like an eternity, but I do think they worked!

Two days after the marathon and I’m feeling unexpectedly good – I don’t mean to gloat but I can manage stairs without grimacing and I can even tie my shoe laces, not sure it will work for everyone but I will be doing it again!

Check out this you tube clip to help you spot fellow runners.

Monday, April 12, 2010

3 PB's

As the intrepid band of Clapham Runners return to Blighty news is confirmed that all three racers got PB's

Fiona 3:56
Krysia 3:57
Laurence 4:20

Well done to all!

They've set the bar high for those running London, but also showed what a good winter of training can achieve - you guys will be fine!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

4 for 2

Great news!!!

Fiona and Krysia have busted the 4hour mark and coincidentally finished within seconds of each other! We're waiting to hear how Laurence has done!

Now comes the rest, relaxation and re-fuelling (and ice baths!)

krysia flying at 35k

Just seen Krysia fly past at 35k in the Paris Marathon. She was smiling and waving and a few minutes ahead of the 4hr pace makers. All that work with Clapham Runners has really paid off :-)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paris Update

Well here we are in sunny Paris - a warm day with a cooling breeze - bodes well for tomorrow.

Runners everywhere today - you see them on the metro, in street cafe's, all over the place!

Just sitting down to watch the Grand National. My money is on "Beat the Boys" - in honour of Krysia, Laurence and Fiona who will be beating myself and David tomorrow!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Clapham Runners - race marshals

There are several forthcoming races on Clapham Common at which Clapham Runners has the opportunity to contribute to worthwhile causes and events while promoting the club's activities to a local running community. The events are usually weekends and involve getting there in plenty of time typically for 9a.m. race starts.

For example on July 31st 2010 - Cancer Research Race for Life 10km - is looking for marshals. Volunteers please sign up by e-mail to Other events will be notified as details are returned. Club tee shirts will be one way to try and get the message across.

They're under starters orders...and they're off!

Well, Krysia and Martin's Eurostar has left St Pancras anyway!

We're whizzing through the English countryside only slightly slower than Frank last night when he was meant to be doing a "70% 400m" (will he ever listen to Jon?!)

We're in a carriage surrounded by other runners and their respective support crews. Krysia is wishing the waiting was over and the race would start!

See you on the other side!

Paris Marathon

Good luck , good times and good weather for Fiona, Krysia, Laurence, David and Martin and all supporters. Keep us posted on life on the streets of Paris.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quiz Night

Join Sinead at her marathon fundraising quiz at the County Arms Wandsworth on Tuesday the 13th April. At the last marathon fundraising quiz Clapham Runners were victorious - can we repeat our success?

To sponsor Sinead directly click here.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Anthony is running the London Marathon for Trinity Hospice (based in Clapham) - to sponsor his marathon efforts click here.