Monday, March 21, 2011

PB and 5th Lady at Clapham Common 10K

Did the Clapham Common 10K on March 20th. Got my first PB for any distance since 2007. 46:22. 5th Lady!
I ran in my Clapham Runners club strip and so met another Clapham Runner who was doing the 5K. Not sure of his name, but nice to meet you. Also ran into Jacqui training on the Common after the race and said hi. I'm still working Tuesdays and Thursdays so STILL not managed to rejoin you all although proud to wear the T-shirt to advertise the club... although I was running SO fast surely the letters must have been a big blur to anyone watching...... (wink)
Good luck with your training everyone and well done on some good races this season.

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