Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Athens Marathon 13th November 2011

It’s now a week and a day since I ran my second Athens Marathon and here are my thoughts and memories, a recap of what happened in the built up to the race as well as during it.

I did all my long runs, I ticked all the boxes but by Monday night on the week of the marathon I got hit by the dreaded sore throat that by Wednesday had developed into a full blown cold. I was frustrated and sad and could not picture myself taking part in this beautiful event. What a shame... Nonetheless, I might be ok, there were still a few days to go and I was consuming lots of vitamins. So I packed my lightest running outfit that I had planned on wearing ever since last year’s 25oC temperatures and off we went, me and my long suffering husband to arrive in Athens late on Friday evening. It was cold and there were gale force winds. But my dad reassured me they would not be against us. Luckily I had had a look at the weather forecast and at least had brought my gloves with me!

Saturday came and I felt ok. I went to collect my racing number, timing chip and t-shirt from Zappeion, a beautiful neoclassical building near the stadium where the marathon finishes.