Thursday, May 19, 2011

Richmond Park Marathon - Laura's Race Report

While I haven't been able to train with you all, I have been running on my own and a few months ago entered the first ever Richmond Park Marathon which took place Sunday May 15th. (Essentially 3 and a half rather hilly laps of Richmond Park limited to 300 runners). I'm happy to say I had a really good race. The weather and scenery were beautiful and it was nice to do a small, interesting event on trails, and paths and in the woods.

I'd done my usual 3-times-week training, nothing spectacularly hard, and no hill training, but did manage some long slow runs of 14, 16 and 19 miles this time. I ran fairly conservatively for the first half, walking the 2 main hills as planned but made up the time on the downhills, of which there were plenty. I took on way more gels than usual which seem to stave off the usual agony of the last 10K. I did feel a bit fried at the top of the final hill, but by some miracle I totally recovered and managed a really fast last mile -- crossing the line in 3:59:37.
It was a downhill finish and I had enough left in the tank to put on a sprint for the line when I realized that a 3-something was attainable... JUST!

I had a great day out and, by starting out slowly for once, a race that felt really good all the way round.
I'd recommend this race, although it might fill up quickly for next year.

Budapest sounds lovely (my Great Grandparents were from there) but I'm doing a course that week so have to be in London.

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