Sunday, April 17, 2011

London Marathon 2011

It's London Marathon Day, so the cheering squad were out in force to encourage our valiant competitors :-) (Plus Janie, Celia and Mrs Steve!)

We had a prime spot being able to see runners twice once at 14 miles and again at 21. We managed to see everyone we were looking for.

Steve (he was completely in the zone!);

Anthony (looking a bit like Dean Macey with those cheeks);

Sinead (far happier at 21m than last year!);

And Lizzy (she wasn't running backwards - just dubious paparazzi skills!). We missed her at 21 miles, as she sped up and was faster than expected!

There was a bit of competitive spirit between Steve, Anthony and Lizzy - who was going to get the fastest time?

And the winner is.......Steve with a wonderful 3:46

Lizzy ~ 3:48

Anthony ~ 3:48

Sinead ~ 4:19
Well done everyone, very impressive times, especially considering the heat. I believe that is 4 pb's. After over 5 hours shouting, screaming and clapping the cheering squad were also exhausted (as were our supplies of jelly babies)!
Same again next year?