Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Evening all,

If anyone fancies doing a, slightly more challenging, 13.1 before the marathon season kicks off the Leith Hill Half [11:00 Sunday 06 March 11'] down in Dorking has about 150 places left [and going fast apparently] -

It'll be fun!



  1. I think that's the same day as Silverstone so I'm out - your one looks far more challenging!

    I'm also doing this one on 12th Feb if anyone is keen:

  2. Rob
    You forgot to mention breakfast,swim afterwards, personalised tech tee shirts and race numbers and the HILLS, hills and more hills. Expensive at £32 but uniquely worth it seems to be the general verdict.
    That weekend I had been thinking, no speculating, on back to back 10ks (Sat and Sun) G3 at Newlands Corner (more North Down Hills) followed by the last Winter series in Regent's park. Together they amount to something very similar to Leith Hill....