Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rat Race

OH MY GOD!!!!! I need to remember the course director of this series can't measure distances, after our 4hr extravaganza in the Green Belter a few months ago!

The Plan: "Mean Streets" Sat 25th, 5-7:30pm, 10-15k on foot through central London.
Reality: 20k!!! This was a team event with me, Krysia and my sister. The furthest my sister has run before is 10k!

Follow that up on Sunday with the "Nine-to-Five" - The Plan: 65k, mainly on bike including a max 5k on foot.
Reality: 75k, including 13k on foot, 1.5k kayak, 50m swim, 25m abseil, 10m rolling down hill (yes really)!!

Krysia got special comendation on her style of rolling down hill by the one and only Dean Macey who was also competing!! (By the way, we beat him!)

The Rat Race is really fun, so long as you know what you're letting yourself in for. We danced in the street to buskers, tried to guess beers, did kareoke at Bloomsbury Bowling, orienteered, abseiled down the Oval cricket ground, swam a length of Cystal Palace pool, got lost in a maze, did a circuits session and a BMF session, a couple of climbing walls, footy skills and rolled in fountains! Fortunately we didn't get to the checkpoint where you had to eat cockles!

So, after 10hrs and 100k we're ready for a rest.

Hopefully with all of that I might now be fit enough for a Half Marathon this weekend....

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